PlatformerXE configuration on Google Kubernetes Engine(GKE) Cluster

Platformer is a new comer to the industry but as a Cloud Native developer you should know about Platformer as their solution will save you a truckload of time. It is a very easy, developer friendly Cloud Native Platform that offers Cloud products, services & support to Freelancers and Startups and extend extends towards Enterprise Developer teams. PlatformerXE allows you to deploy apps on top of Kubernetes without managing Kubernetes. This guide will show you how to configure your GKE clusters to be compatible with PlatformerXE.

PlatformerXE Prerequisites

  1. Helm
  2. Nginx Ingress (Create an HTTPS ingress controller on AKS)
  3. Cert Manager
  4. Existing GKE Cluster

Follow this url to setup prerequisites

Connect GKE Clusters with PlatformerXE

  1. Create an account or Sign into Platformer Console.
  2. Go to clusters under Cloud section

3. In Platformer Clusters dashboard, on the top right toolbar, click the New button.

4. In the dialog box that opens, click on connect button on Connect an existing cluster section.

5. Type your GKE cluster name

6. Select Cluster type to Google Kubernetes Engine

GKE Cluster type

7. Enter your GKE Zone Name (GKE zones)

8. Get your Nginx ingress public IP (Setting up HTTP Load Balancing with Ingress)

9. Set your max CPU and Max Memory amount

10. Enable Organization access if you wish to by enabling organization access cross project access will allow you to use this cluster configuration between the projects you create in this organization.

Then click on next button

11. Add your Kubernetes API Server Endpoint

12. Select Auth type as Basic Auth

Enable Basic auth in your GKE cluster too

13. Enter your API Auth username and password

Click on show cluster certificate and view API auth username and password

GKE Cluster

Then enter those details to PlatformerXE


14. Add your encrypted GKE cluster Certificate Authority Data. (You can find your cluster CA data from cluster credentials)

Copy CA certificate and encrypt it to Base64. (You can use online tool to do that)

Then put encrypted CA Data and click on next.

Once you have filled all the details. Click next then you’ll get success message if you done it correctly but it takes some time connect.

Then save all configuration.




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